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Thursday, 06 October, 2016

Close friend or close friend with a task to put more out of Google, E 'demeaning it? Although thousands and thousands of people will start to try to be found higher up on Google for some keywords relevant to their business , there are very few who really succeed.

  • Several, listeranno the site the Yellow Pages or on other countless catalogs or online directory, thinking he had done the right thing.
  • Someone will resort to the help of friends to exchange mutually valuable links and hope to gain the necessary credit from Google to be ranked higher in its rankings.
  • Many will insert an aphorism or some content on its Facebook page, along with a link to their site, hoping that this is sufficient to ensure a boost for being found more easily online.
  • Others, again just for the truth, write blog post, trying to optimize at best the pages, but they will see that they should promote those posts in some way for not running out of traffic and that will have to look for other reliable sources from which you receive precious references to increase their importance in Google's eyes.
  • Still others will buy links in spades by the numerous "stalls" online or on Fiverr, convinced at least, having paid, to have done something worthwhile.
  • Still others, will create content to be included on document sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, infographics, etc ... hoping not to have done something wrong ...
  • Some resort to a mix of everything mentioned above, posting and ripostando content and links in forums and industry blogs, waiting for a few paltry Web site movement in Serp Google.


You know what to do and will do the vast majority of people to rankare their business on Google?


That's right, the majority of humans, online business owners and professionals will not do, or even does not have anything to position itself, or does it the wrong way. At best he prepares content, asking and inquiring about things to do.

Then he goes into a sort of more or less marked confusion, and after a while 'loses courage and forget abandoning your site to oblivion and devoting himself to others ... maybe even to other forms of paid advertising, also releasing a flood of money , basically because he has no time, desire, resources to devote to their positioning on the engines to do it independently.

In fact, if you've already tried to rankare your site on the first page of Google for a keyword, you know it is no small matter, and anyone who has tried it, whether a specialist or not, knows that it takes days and days work to begin to see tangible results in a few weeks ... noticeable in months.

When you optimize a site for the engines, if you do things right, you can also have good results, but ... how many things you have to think?

  • On-page optimization,
  • off page optimization,
  • meta tags,
  • titles,
  • descriptions,
  • keyword,
  • h1,
  • h2,
  • h3,
  • density of words on the page,
  • anchor text,
  • alt text
  • anchor text variation,
  • site map
  • bounce rate
  • domain authority,
  • page authority,
  • domain age,
  • EMD
  • TLD
  • link building,
  • do follow and no follow,
  • authority link,
  • link diversity,
  • link relevance,
  • link rate,
  • IP class
  • outbound linking,
  • internal linking,
  • broken links,
  • page speed,
  • …and then
  • Trusts flow,
  • citation flow,
  • social signals
  • checking for duplicate content

... Not to mention the ongoing Google algorithm changes, and the famous

  • Google Penguin,
  • Google Panda,
  • RankBrain,
  • etc...

and the risk of penalties if they do not follow the rules, the recovery activities to recover after having incurred any penalty ...

... .Aaaaaaargh!

You do not end up more !!! ... And 'worse than a quagmire! There really is a jungle of factors to consider, without thinking that just when you seem to be able to rule them all, one week after Google algorithm changes again the mocking of everything you had just learned!

It is not my intention to belittle the engine optimization, which is a great matter, and that I now passionate about for years. It 'something that works well and good, if you know what you need to do and how to do it, but ...

 The SEO Costa Sweat ... and Time, Tanto Tempo!

Perhaps it is even already happened to you.

Have you started to bring out your business on Google in some way, maybe trying to rankare your site with one of the systems mentioned above, but then you're done instead to stay with absolutely nothing in his hand and maybe you went to some method altenativo , for example by establishing the targeted ads with Adwords and Facebook ads or the end you found out that, if he can do everything right, these methods are fast to get exposure, but by no means stable and quite often greedy because when you stop paying , the announcements themselves cease to appear , leaving you with no traffic of visitors and no visibility it 'contacts.

Not only that, but all the SEO methods, also the most functional and stable, on average always one big boulder in common that weighs on the head of all those who try. You know what? 

Wait Response Google!

Just as the Oracle, any way is that you have undertaken, any step, retouching or small action you did on your site, you will discover, if you did not already, that after investing so much time and effort, to see movements tangible in the rankings, you should always wait for a response that comes after a considerable period of time, even at 6, 7 or 8 weeks, during which inevitably remain with the more or less great doubt: "Will it work?", before figuring out if what did you meet or not the tastes of Big G ... .and this is not really always a health walk! Indeed, it is often frustrating, humiliating and exhausting, and sometimes it seems that no matter how much time you invest there, it 'how many times I tried, because the results do not seem to ever get and emerging online, especially fast, really seems a chimera .

Possible that there is a faster method to emerge on Google?

If ever you felt like that, let me reassure you that you are not all alone. And let me also say that you can definitely carry the guilt for trying and then failing, but ...

What would you say if I invited you now to discover a system that allows you to stand out on Google in 48 hours or less?

I know, you are asking: " How is it possible? "

Yet, let me tell you that all you know about search engines and especially Google, could be wrong, and that several industry experts, at best may have you misled by sheer ignorance. Continuing to read it, I'll show you a foolproof system in 4 stages to bring out your online activities or even anything on the web reputerai worthy of attention, at the top of Google rankings and in less than 48h, ... sometimes even in a few hours if not minutes. Not only that, but with this method you can also discover the secret to rankare in a flash many keywords at once , which means make yourself visible and let us find you on Google not only for one, but for dozens, if not hundreds of other keywords , and thanks to this hugely increasing your visibility, your contact with potential interested users and your popularity. You wonder why you should listen to me and what benefit you can have. Simply you have the opportunity to take advantage of my mission:

"Helping people make the experience to emerge online, unlike the vast majority of other systems currently available, concrete and feasible extremely fast, easy and even fun."

And here's why and how I solved the problem of emerging online quickly. E 'extremely curious and you have to go back to the kind of world in which I spent my days as an employee of a large company. I was doing a good job in conducting port business in a strategic sector, and I liked the point that I thought I would do just that for a lifetime. But there was definitely something wrong: the diktat was absolute "show" ... and could not work for a long time, it was also necessary to bring concrete results.

I wore it when 1, when 10, when 100, but someone cared more important to the presentation of the results that the same results, so the activities which I commanded was like that of so-called Point Power Rangers, and I was relegated to being a sort of warrior Powerpoint, documenting at breakneck speed, every step and made all sorts of products ranging in its mission, with a lot of forecasts and projections about the possible annual, monthly, weekly and daily, in an environment where, for more , further career opportunities was foreclosed.

I had to do something to disincagliarmi from that situation.

When it was set up a contest to reward the most beautiful presentation literally startled and realized that the risk to stay with a handful of flies instead of my work was very high ... and with a family of four people on his shoulders, a father very sick to look after, I could not afford it! The worst of it was that I had very little free time! So the night, I found myself frantically searching on the internet new opportunities to create a second source of income. Different possibilities of gain attracted my attention enough to put them in practice to the test.

I began making small sites with Google Adsense ads, but at first I was a little 'clumsy and after two days I was banned for summary and bluntly: Google is also ruthless and not from' second chances to anybody.

Then it was the turn of the Polls, the Opinions and data entry online, but just did not represent me, and in fact the results were quite poor. Then I met a brilliant mind of the then web, a certain Jimmy D. Brown with his advice he gave me a tank of water in the aridity of the desert where I had hunted. So I catapultai me to ride on the Warrior Forum, the place where he made the gym who's who of the global marketer and bought every possible guide, strictly in English, to learn how to sell on the web.

I met a lot of other people from all over the world and in a few months I learned the basics of internet marketing. I experienced with the type CPA ads, CPC, PPV adhering to American networks as MaxBounty, PeerFly, ClickBooth, CPA Lead, Infolinks and many others, and managed to bring home some results that with a lot of goodwill might call discreet. Only a little later I began to make my first acquaintances with another effective system that took me right away: the Search Engine Optimization.

And the more I delve into the ocean of online revenue techniques, the more I saw so many possibilities to earn. But certainly it was one thing to try, another start something that worked and produce gains in a stable manner. ... And I had to quickly choose what to focus my efforts to pararmi shoulders.

So, instinctively, slavishly following the dictates of a web genius from Singapore, it created a simple squeeze page from rankare on Google (adventure crazy that with a website of one page in HTML, today does not repeat itself in the way absolute), and after it is optimized for good, I added almost without thinking, a small video made so a bit 'special, just to increase the time spent on the page by potential visitors and because I liked to create videos. I left as soon as ready "at the mercy" to Google.

In the hours and days following, taken by an uncontrollable curiosity, I digitavo the time the keywords in the search box, to see if my efforts were rewarded.

...but nothing!

After days and days, among the search results on the front page, the mini site, there was still no sign!

Yet, among the same results there was something familiar leaping eyes so overbearing like a beacon in the night. There and then I had not paid much attention, but after a while 'I turned back to look better that thing that attracted my attention .... it was a video.

"What was THAT video?" ERA that video! SAME I had loaded on the squeeze page.

How was it possible? I tried the mini website and instead appeared to me that video and more right away! yet I tried and tried again to type those keywords, time of one hour on another browser, but nothing, that video was always there, among the top search results on the front page of Google.

I tried again, almost on a bet, creating another video, so similar to what I had done before, then I left, taken by so many other things, but in the evening I rushed to check: nothing at first, but in the head second page of Google was something: was the new video. Retouched something ... and after 6 hours the result was amazing: that video was on the front page. ... And remained there for the days to come.

I was incredulous! What happened? It was a fluke? "Can not be, I thought."

Another test? You can bet! I made another video, trying to follow the same steps, and indeed, to always improve something .... and the results were not long in coming. The new video was on the front page .... and so it happened to the other ten trials, which I did immediately after.

The results always ended up there to give me solace in the lap on top of a couple of days. I had discovered something sensational:

How to bring out anything on Google in record time through a video

No wonder if the traditional techniques have not given you the quick results you expected. It's no wonder that sometimes people seem to make ranking on Google as simple, while you sweat seven shirts to even earn a single location in a month. Yet the quick method exists and, if done correctly, it works ... and the great!  

I mean, think about it: to find a site on top of Google for certain keywords, normally it takes weeks if not months (and I also understand that it is often necessary to do an activity to bring to the fore the most information about you like the ones found on your site), but with this system is about two days, sometimes even a matter of hours, others of minutes ... and I'm not kidding ... and there is no need to pay anyone or anything.  

And now you know too because he was born:

Emergence Online ... Now in 4 Steps

 The first system to emerge on Google and find you in 48 h or less, without spending a dime ... or almost.

That's right, now you too can get exposure on Google and find you so ultra fast for keywords that interest you even without being an expert in search engine optimization.

E 'useless to tell you how important you find on Google so ultra fast, but here are some good reasons:

  • More than 95% of people now use search engines to find products, services or information ... even you and I;

  • More than 75% of people use Google as a search engine.

  • That found higher up in the ranking of search results, is considered by the vast majority of people as the most credible and important in the whole world on that ... even if it's not true.

  • If you are not among the top results of Google, often for people as well not exist.

  • The results that are higher up on Google, may enjoy higher traffic of visitors, so they are more visible, popular and you can use this thing to raise more easily the number of contacts with interested people and customers and increase your profits.

  • More than half of shoppers (will happen to you) buys a product after finding it by typing it on Google.

  • More than 60% of web users, only try to search content solely on the first page of results. 

  • 70% of clicks received by the search results, is dedicated to the organic results and not to those in charge.

  • Those search and email forwarders, are currently the two main activities on the internet and customers from search results have an average closing rate of 14.6% compared with 1.7% of the direct mailing.

But do not take to good everything I say.

Look at these pages:

Representing dozens of front pages of Google results when I got the results I'm talking about you, where are ie managed to gain the first page of Google. ... And in some cases it has been really a matter of hours.

If you were thinking that emerge online was something complicated or that I had to enlist the assistance of technicians and engineers for a draft standard and certified, I'm afraid you will have to think again. The way is simple, much simpler than you might think.


Look for example at this. It 'the first page of Google for the keyword phrase " great restaurant rome historical center ".

The first pages, as we are used to seeing them normally, they are always text-based, ie they contain only written texts, but what you'll notice at first sight?

That image in the midst of all those textual results, is not it?

Well, ... it is nothing more than a video.

Sure, that's right, it is a simple video in rotation in top organic results in the first page of Google in about a million pages competing for that keyword phrase.

Want to know how long it took me to place the video in that position? 24 hours!

That's right. ... And following the method of Emerging Online ... Now in 4 steps, you will be absolutely able to bring yourself a video on the front page in a very short time, just like I did.

Look at the picture in this other example is the result obtained by bringing in Google's first page, a video for the key phrase " toy library English ".

Also this spot is in second place in the organic results from more than 140,000 pages competing for the same key. You know in this case what it took to bring that video there, where is it?

Eight hours!!!

This other result still shows a video made for a company in Rome that manufactures, sells and works with professional radio-controlled drones.

In this case the video is in the headlines in the elite location between the organic results for the key "professional radio-controlled drones" from more than 16,000 competing pages, just after the sponsored ads and Google images, and to take him there, you know what I used ?

Two and a half hours!

These are of course just some of the results on Google, but if you go to YouTube, these videos are for the same keys, and indeed for many other, always on the first page and at the top between several hundred and even thousands of concurrent video .

Chief among 5,520 competitors videos

Chief among 3210 competitors videos

 Second among 1,740 competitors videos

Same thing goes on Google Video, ... if you type the same keywords you will notice the same behavior and the presence of these videos in the top results on the first page (the one on the right is first among 2,670 other results) 

Although these achievements in a very short time, in parallel to what we saw for Google.

But how is it done?

In reality there is only a procedure to learn the same and with the same steps, hand me the analogy, that are adopted to make the fireworks and even absurd to put in orbit a space shuttle, ... but luckily it analogy in name only, because the rest is simple, much simpler than you might think.

And here, briefly, the method in 4 steps you have taken.

I realize that it required a little 'fantasy, but it is an analogy that I found really curious point. You know how to make fireworks? There are only four steps:

The 4 Steps

  1. Choice. Where you choose the right chemicals for the effect you want to achieve.
  2. Creation. Where to build literally require charging.
  3. Trigger . Where virtually light the fuse.
  4. Launch . Where the life to launch in the air than you have built for maximum pyrotechnic effect.

And even here in the video, giving you fast traffic and visibility, the steps you need to do are just these four, pretty much the same:

Selecting, Creating, Trigger, Launch.

You can use this method to improve visibility or to give notoriety to a small company, a professional, a band ... or to anyone!

I put it into practice now hundreds of times and it's really powerful. In practice:

Choose the theme around which to build the video to give you the best performance, prepare it specifically for that topic into the limelight and then you throw it.

There is currently a strong trend around the video, which also includes large companies. Many of these, yet not many to be more precise, they have learned to apply the techniques of internet marketing to direct traffic to their sites and get more visibility.

video post is becoming an activity to be preferred to that of curing a blog and you know why? Because in reality "blogging" involves a great deal of work, as creating content for your blog coast and traffic comes if your blog is constantly updated.

In contrast, the traffic coming from the video, can still be highly targettizzato, like that of the blog, but instead of a blog, it is easier to get traffic and views from the engines and in addition can last for years, without you having to update anything.

A survey by the University of Massachusetts conducted last year, shows that, among those who had a blog, only 37% of companies keeps him updated. Why such a low percentage in the US? Just because companies know that treating a blog coast and their resources are far better utilized by creating and posting videos to direct traffic and do branding. The steps are only four, as in the launch of a space shuttle or a firework, but with the most basic activities.

And here are the steps closely:



Locate the topic on which to build your video that corresponds exactly to what people actually want.



Create a great video in record time and find the fastest way to do it.



System and optimizes the video so that it can have the maximum impulse that is going to receive in the next step.



Launch your video with a few tricks to the maximum visibility.

This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.


This extraordinary system in 4 steps will show you exactly the steps needed to position firmly your business and anything on Google as quickly as possible.

It seems hard to believe, I know. After all, if you've tried any other alternative system for rankare on Google, but you're not really able to pull any results rapidly, it is clear that hardship believe that this method is really the solution to emerge quickly. The fact is that Emerge Online is unlike anything you've ever tried before.  

Now you get the results ...

 Are You Ready to Take Your Business on Google in 48 h?

Take a peek at what you'll discover now:

  • The final secret find you on Google in 48 h for the keywords of your interest.
  • A complete checklist SEO in 13 steps to place on any Google web page.
  • Whether, when and how to apply SEO also to videos.
  • How to create a killer video in 180 seconds or less.
  • As always be on the front page of Google for all the things that your customers look ... even with the same video.
  • How to use a video to make sure you get the desired result.
  • How to increase the number of useful leads generated from your video with social networks.
  • How to boost the authority of a site using only internal links.
  • The 7 main sources of web video traffic and how dominate
  • 3 optimal criteria to quickly locate the keywords of your interest and have the best chance of being found.
  • The invisible method under everyone's eyes, never used to flush out hundreds of advantageous keywords.
  • How to tell immediately if you should invest some time on any keyword of your interest.
  • The only 4 types of more effective video you should realize.
  • 7 professional tools and to make sure any video effect, ... even without shelling out a dime.
  • 6 free portals from which to draw your own background music.
  • 2 Ways to shoot up the views of your videos automatically.
  • How to customize a video to your goal with your own unique imprint and do not find one or two, but also for many other keywords.
  • 10 things to do immediately after you create your video.
  • A complete list of more than 500 sites among the most popular of the web to be used strategically to make it even more visible and popular your video.
  • ... And much, much more.

I know, these seem bold claims. But I used these strategies to emerge quickly on Google and I then shared these same strategies many other online activists and entrepreneurs so that they could check the results of their own, and I know that these little-known secrets of positioning on Google will also work to you. But again, you do not believe what I'm saying.

Look rather to the tests:

Are all videos taken at the top in no time with the SCIL method you'm talking about.

And here's what you'll get with Emerging Online ... Now in 4 phases :

The PDF Guide : A simple manual, but precise and complete more than 130 pages with all the instructions, step by step, to choose, create, initiate and launch and allow you to better position any video on Google.

Value   € 97.00

The Mind Map : The Map of the complete 4-step process with the schematic detail of each phase and activities to allow you to have at a glance, to hand the whole system to emerge online right away.

Value   € 37.00

The Simplified Formula Rapid Emergence Online for on Google. A simplified procedure, a shortcut where you illustrate a summary of the whole process synthesis, valid in certain circumstances and to be implemented especially when you go in a hurry to accelerate even further the achievement of results.

Value   € 47.00

... But that's not all!

Furthermore, because I want to give the best possible support, and I can only do that by assisting a limited number of people in the implementation of the program, if you are among the first 50 to act, you will also receive these great bonuses:


Video Case History - A case study consists of four videos where you see behind me as quickly as I implement the method and each stage, with a simple and concrete example of success (only this bonus worth more than the whole course).


€ 97.00


Mini SEO Guide - The mini guide " Simply ... SEO from scratch ." A Basic Guide but complete and in pdf format. Sixty sliding pages and immediate consultation, to make Search Engine Optimization something finally easier and affordable for everyone.


€ 77.00

Now you know yourself that it is not so hard to stand out on Google, but I also know what you're thinking ...

How much?

Surely you already know that a comprehensive SEO course can cost several hundred Euros, committing several tens of hours in the classroom. Even a simple well done SEO guide can be very expensive, but you will also need to engage there several weeks to make practical application of the techniques learned in search of useful results.

Emergence Online is rather revolutionary in this regard because, taken a very short learning curve of a couple of hours, allows you to apply the techniques and see the results almost immediately.

 What is in your opinion have suffered useful results?

In any case this is a first launch, and you pay € 297 to download the Emergence Online material, it '€ 197 or even € 127. If you act now, in fact, your total investment is only € 97.00.

But since this is an introductory price, I decided to keep the price even lower for even more convenience, halving, and yet a little while you will find this guide and all accompanying materials including 2 BONUS to € 47.00 .

You know this is a good deal.

If you bought another online course or another well-made guide for positioning you know that its cost is at least five times as much and you would not have such rapid results.

That's why you should click the button below to order your copy now before it disappears introductory price.

Still undecided?

Curiously also you discover what you really have to do the ships and missiles with SCIL method and when you finish reading and studying the guide and the entire Emerge Online Material, you will know everything you need to rankare anything quickly on Google - Guaranteed!

You know the part that I like most of the system? And 'that of creation, where you can also give free rein to the imagination. Initially resorted to the help of someone, but then I realized that to create a video that works do not really want anything, and now in a few minutes is already ready-made. And of course you will discover how easy it is.


Advise me to buy it?

No one of course requires, God forbid! We are free people, and I want it to be too! But at this point you have to make a choice between A and B :


Potresti continuare a fare quello che stai facendo, restare esattamente dove sei, o addirittura non fare assolutamente nulla e aspettare che qualcosa accada. Aspettare che pur non avendo la visibilità che desideri, Google cambi qualcosa e si accorga di te, o che qualcuno fra qualche anno ti presenti un altro sistema per emergere, magari cambiando qualcosa al posto tuo…ma quanto ti costa ora continuare a utilizzare i soliti vecchi metodi per emergere online senza cambiare niente?

Te lo dico io. Il costo che devi sostenere è quello di ottenere sempre i soliti vecchi risultati. Basta non fare niente e tra qualche mese ti ritroverai nella stessa identica situazione di adesso, ma saranno passati dei mesi e scoprirai di aver perso del tempo utile, durante il quale avresti potuto migliorare la tua situazione…e non l’hai fatto.


Oppure potresti cercare fin da subito un metodo più vantaggioso e soprattutto più rapido, molto più rapido per emergere online.

Ricapitolando, ecco quello che otterrai acquistando adesso Emergere Online Subito in 4 fasi.

La Guida Pdf con più di 130 pagine di istruzioni, fase per fase, per posizionare al meglio qualsiasi video su Google.

La Mappa Mentale del processo completo in 4 fasi per permetterti di avere a colpo d’occhio, sotto mano l’intero sistema per emergere online subito.

La Formula Rapida Semplificata con una sintesi della sintesi dell’intero processo, da attuare quando vai particolarmente di fretta per accelerare ancora di più il raggiungimento dei risultati.

BONUS 1: Video Case History di Successo, vedi alle mie spalle come implemento rapidamente il metodo.

BONUS 2: La guida base in PDF “Semplicemente SEO …da zero”, per rendere la Search Engine Optimization più semplice e abbordabile.

Sono più di 350,00 € di valore, e oggi Emergere Online …Subito in 4 Fasi e tutto il materiale più i 2 Bonus, possono essere tuoi immediatamente e a una ridicola frazione di questa cifra.

 Per chi non è adatto

Beh, questo forse è inutile che te lo dica, ma se pensi che premendo un tasto “il tuo mal di testa passi”, non è per te, perché dovrai seguire precisamente le istruzioni affinché il metodo funzioni correttamente. Non esistono infatti bottoni magici, ma solo impegno e determinazione…e in poco tempo vedrai arrivare anche i risultati, come diretta conseguenza del tuo lavoro e della tua diligenza nel seguire un sistema serio e affidabile.

Per lo stesso motivo, non voglio che tu segua il sistema SCIL tanto per provare, per vedere di cosa si tratta e se funziona e soprattutto se ti aspetti che porti subito risultati se lo hai applicato in modo leggero, di fretta e senza la necessaria concentrazione.

Te lo dico prima: Ti prego! In questo caso lascia perdere! Puoi investire tranquillamente il tuo tempo per fare altro. I risultati arrivano solo se hai pazienza e perseveranza nell’applicare le istruzioni illustrate nella guida. In qualsiasi altro caso: NO!

 Per chi invece è obbligatorio


Per molte persone questo metodo non va bene, ma tieni presente che se tu sei un imprenditore, un neo imprenditore, un libero professionista, un formatore, un coach, un trainer, un autore, un terapeuta, un titolare di una piccola impresa o di un’attività in cerca di visibilità, saresti pazzo da legare se non seguissi questo sistema perché questo programma è stato fatto apposta per te e tra pochissimo tempo potresti già iniziare ad avere la visibilità e la popolarità che stavi aspettando.

Ed ecco quello che conoscerai con Emergere Online Subito in 4 Fasi

  • Come farti trovare su Google in 48 h e anche meno, per le parole chiave di tuo interesse.
  • Il segreto per rankare un video per decine e decine di parole chiavi
  • Una Check list SEO completa in 13 passi per posizionare su Google qualsiasi pagina web.
  • Come creare un video killer in 180 secondi o poco meno.
  • Come truccare un video per aumentarne le conversioni ed essere sicuri di avere il risultato desiderato.
  • Come incrementare il numero di contatti utili generati dal tuo video coi social network.
  • Le 7 principali fonti di traffico video del web e come dominarle.
  • 3 criteri ottimali per individuare velocemente le parole chiave di tuo interesse e avere la massima probabilità di farti trovare online….anche oggi che il keyword planner di Google ha cambiato radicalmente i suoi parametri.
  • Il metodo invisibile sotto gli occhi di tutti per scovare e approfittare di centinaia di parole chiave vantaggiose.
  • Come capire immediatamente e senza ombra di dubbi su quale frase chiave puntare.
  • I soli 4 tipi di video che devi realizzare per aumentare la tua efficacia.
  • 7 tool professionali e di sicuro effetto per realizzare qualsiasi video, …anche senza sborsare un centesimo.
  • I 6 maggiori portali gratuiti da cui attingere la tua musica di sottofondo.
  • 2 Modi per far schizzare in alto le visualizzazioni del tuo video in modo automatico.
  • 10 cose da fare immediatamente dopo aver creato il tuo video. …e sicuramente tanto, tanto altro ancora.

Ancora non convinto che questa sia la via migliore in assoluto per emergere in fretta? Lascia che dia un’altra limatina agli altri angoli, perché volevo ricordarti che se agisci adesso otterrai anche:

BONUS 1: Video case history di successo.

BONUS 2: La guida in PDF “Semplicemente SEO …da zero”.

Cioè i due BONUS, completamente GRATIS.

Vuoi sapere cosa dicono della guida BONUS "Semplicemente SEO...da Zero"?

This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.

"Ho letto “Semplicemente SEO…da Zero!” In generale la trovo molto chiara e ordinata. Ottima cosa per chi deve imparare. Molto bella e coinvolgente poi la tua storia all'inizio. Per migliorare il ranking del mio sito, ho provato a postare seguendo le indicazioni della tua guida e ha funzionato! Dovrò continuare a lavorarci. ...purtroppo fare SEO richiede molto lavoro, perciò è bene che i passi da fare siano quelli giusti. In ogni caso la guida è veramente utile e la userò anch'io come riferimento veloce per i miei prossimi passi sulla SEO."

Mauro Mirti -

Scoprirai finalmente come è semplice apparire in alto nei risultati di Google senza sapere nulla o quasi di SEO.

E molto di più. Se mai avessi cercato di scalare la vetta del motore n.1 al mondo in poco tempo, scoprirai che questo è il metodo migliore per farlo.

In più...

 Hai la copertura completa di una Garanzia d’Acciaio!

Prosegui e ordina Emergere Online …Subito in 4 Fasi senza rischi adesso.

Usa le strategie per aumentare la visibilità su Google e goditi i risultati per un mese intero.

Se per qualsiasi ragione non fossi soddisfatto, se la guida pdf, la mappa, la formula semplificata o la lista dei 500 siti non fossero quello che dicono di essere, semplicemente usa il modulo di contatto sul nostro sito per richiedere un immediato rimborso senza questioni.

Non solo, ma per ringraziarti per aver provato Emergere Online …Subito in 4 Fasi, puoi TENERE anche i due BONUS.

Non potrei essere più onesto di così, quindi…  

 Ordina adesso per assicurarti il prezzo più basso

Il tuo investimento totale è di soli 97,00 47,00 €, ma è un prezzo di lancio, un’offerta speciale che potrebbe terminare in qualsiasi momento, quindi ordina adesso.

Inoltre, se ci pensi bene, è gratis!

Pensaci per un attimo:

Cliccando il tasto "Prova Adesso" sarai direzionato su una pagina per pagamento sicuro, effettuato il quale sarai immediatamente trasferito su una pagina di download da cui potrai tirare giù all’istante tutto il materiale, compresi i bonus, e tra una o due ore al massimo potresti già stare armeggiando con il tuo primo video da mettere online. Tra 48 h cominciare a incrementare la tua popolarità e tra 3 giorni vedere i primi contatti, i primi clienti e perché no, anche i primi guadagni…e ti saresti ripagato completamente tutto il materiale acquistato.

Ed ecco perché non devi farti scappare questa occasione.

Al tuo emergere online…in fretta.

Ci vediamo di la'.


P.S. - Non pensi che il tuo lavoro, il tuo impegno quotidiano e tutto te stesso, meritiate di emergere online più in fretta e di godervi finalmente un po’ più di visibilità?

P.S.’ - Guardati attorno, perché non troverai un modo migliore e più economico per emergere online e farti trovare su Google in 48 h o meno.

P.S.’' - Ricorda: Scegli + Crea + Innesca + Lancia sono le 4 fasi di questo sistema unico per emergere in fretta, molto più in fretta di qualsiasi altro sistema tradizionale. 

This is the content of the tab number 1. 




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